What is Diga

DIGA, “Diplomatic and International Golf Association”, is a golf association that was founded in 1994 and listed with the Registry office of Rome.
DIGA has the special focus of fostering, through golf, the introduction of foreigners who, for professional reasons, find themselves in Italy for a period of time.
Members include diplomats, personnel from the three UN agencies based in Rome (FAO, WFP, IFAD) and managers of international firms and institutions. For the most part the members are foreigners, but there are also many Italian golfers who, for professional reasons, are in contact with the international environment and who appreciate our organization and the multiethnic atmosphere we have cultivated over the years.
Indeed, DIGA is special because of the unique way in which we merge our passion for golf with a focus on relaxation and fun. DIGA and its events are marked by an atmosphere of conviviality, and center around the exploration of good food, good wine and the best and most beautiful courses that the Lazio region and Italy have to offer.
Every year DIGA competitions calendar gives golfers the opportunity to play anywhere in Italy, at any time of the year. We’re also working closely with our sponsors to plan events with golf associations abroad, and to realize the biggest and best of what our members and their families would like to see.
DIGA is a passport for citizenship outside any borders.

Antonio Stocchi

Diga President

Pino Cianfoni

Diga Vice President

Clizia Altieri

Diga Event Manager


Business Develpment


Diga Representative to Florida United States


International Relations


Golf, Gourmet & Networking


Interview with DIGA President Antonio Stocchi

Golf boasts the highest number of passport-size practitioners in the world, exceeding even the total figure in football, with a number of golfers of 70 million. In the United States there are over 26 million adherents, while the players/practicing in Europe are 14.5 million, of which 7 million in the United Kingdom and Ireland, 2 Mln in Scandinavia, 720 thousand in Germany, 400 thousand in France, 300 thousand in the Netherlands and Spain, 180 thousand in Austria, 150 thousand in Belgium.
In 2007 the worldwide market for golf tourism was estimated 40 billion dollars, of which 29% was spent on accommodation, 25% for transportation, 21% for food and 9% for fun. Spending per capita for each player was $ 571.42.
In Italy, with less than 100 thousand registered members, the situation seems to be slow compared to neighboring countries.

President, what is the attitude of DIGA against the golf?
DIGA during the years has created a new formula approach to golf due to the peculiarity of his being itinerant and the variety of its social tissue. The cultural environment from which the association is made ensures a lively and constructive exchange that does not stop at the Italian reality. Playing and interacting with people from different cultures is certainly a lesson from the personal point of view, and from the “golfistic” in particular.

What is DIGA proposal?
Surely DIGA has the aim to promote golf in our country, increase the degree of internationalization of the sector and promote Italy as a golf destination.
DIGA is wire-conductor between embassies and the international audience of which is container, and regions, companies, Italian industries. Thanks to this, we want to exploit the concept “DIGA: Golf & More” praising the unity between golf and art, tourism, culture, entertainment, food and wine region.

Which are DIGA main activities?
DIGA organizes golf events for its members, circuits and trophies for the sponsors, side events (dinners, after hours, meetings), trips to golf destinations in Italy and abroad, golf competitions aimed at business (golf4biz, DBM — Diplomatic business meetings), golf events and shows with
the objective of using the golf facilities as locations of events related to culture, art, entertainment and gastronomy. DIGA also allocate funds for humanitarian work through his charity circuits.